Neighbours fear House of Horrors

    A LOCAL house left to dereliction has become a den of anti social behaviour and a huge worry for residents according local Councillor Andrew McGuinness.

    The privately owned property at the back of Maudlin Street, Kilkenny, has been left abandoned and is now used regularly as a hangout for drinking parties and unsavoury activitities.
    Distraught neighbours say they are now living in fear.

    Residents have complained to Kilkenny County Council and the Gardai but the problem still persists and, The Reporter has been told, is getting worse.

    “I have met with residents, visited the house and spoken to our local authorities who are actively liaising with the owner.

    “However, this has gone on far too long and has become a huge issue for local residents, many of whom are elderly and afraid of what is going on so close to their homes,” said Andrew.

    “The property has been completely vandalised and taken over with evidence of drug taking, drinking parties and people using it as accommodation.

    “It’s unsafe for anybody to be in there and neighbouring residents have been verbally abused and threatened by those using the property,” he accused.

    “Following our initial complaints the property was fenced off in a bid to stop further anti social behaviour but this has not worked.

    “The anti social behaviour still continues every week and residents are now afraid to confront the issue.

    “It’s not fair on them to have to tolerate this and urgent action is needed.

    “Its a fine property in an ideal location and could make a fantastic home for somebody.

    “The local authority should never let any property owner or developer leave a property go like this and become the source of so many problems within a small community.

    “Responsibility needs to be taken urgently and the property secured and made safe until a plan is in place to do something positive with the building,” he concluded.