Irish Water tackle Freshford leaks

    The old damaged pipes will be replace with modern high density polyethene plastic pipes

    WORKS are well underway in Freshford to improve the water supply for residents and businesses by tackling the high levels of water leakage in the area.

    Irish Water, working with Kilkenny County Council, is decommissioning 875m of old cast iron water mains and constructing new water mains along the R693 road in the North Kilkenny Village.
    The old, damaged pipes are being replaced with modern, high density polyethylene (plastic) pipes.

    New service connections will be installed from the new water main to each customer’s property.
    The first section of the works got under way along Mill Street and Urlingford Road, where 500m of new water main pipes will be laid before the end of this year.
    Irish Water’s Leakage Reduction Programme will continue in Freshford into 2019, when a further 375m of problematic water main on Kilkenny Street will be replaced.
    These works will be carried out by Coffey Northumbrian Ltd in partnership with Kilkenny County Council on behalf of Irish Water.
    “As they get older, cast iron watermains can become severely corroded and have a high level of leakage as well as being subject to frequent bursts, which in turn leads to water discoloration.

    “At present, almost half of the water produced in Ireland is lost to leaks in the network.” said Mark O’Duffy, Leakage Reduction Programme Regional Lead at Irish Water.
    “Replacing these ageing water mains will not only reduce the high levels of leakage, but it will also improve security of water supply, as well as improving the quality of the water.”
    “We would like to thank local residents and businesses for their ongoing co-operation as we work together to deliver these improvements for Freshford; and Kilkenny County Council for their continuing efforts in delivering this programme of works.
    “We will continue to work with the community to minimise disruption.

    “Customers can phone Irish Water on Callsave 1850 278 278 if they have any further questions about the project,” added Mark O’Duffy.