Our Twilight hosts global conference

    Syed Mustafi Rahman and Moroccan Ambassador

    OUR LOCAL Twilight Community Group is making a name for itself as one of the most active groups in the country.

    With friendship agreements and connections in Malbork, Poland, Tiznit, Morocco and Margny Les Compiegne, France it is expanding into Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and has had enquires from Brazil.

    One of the most exciting connections is with the University of Western Michigan in the US.

    This connection is been driven by Professor Maureen Mickus, who, it is understood, will work closely with the Twilight Group.

    Friends from Malbork, Poland visited Kilkenny City

    Twilight was established by current chairman Murty Brennan to help keep body and mind active as he recovered from a life threatening illness.

    It has lately received validation through European Union Funding grants. Further acknowledgement came when the charity regulator accredited Twilight with a charity licence.

    On October 25 in Hotel Kilkenny Twilight will bring people together from across the world for a conference on The Stigmatization of Migrants.

    Dignitaries attending will include ambassadors and consular from six countries plus high ranking officials representing Romania and Egypt, South Sudan and African Nations

    Also actively participating will be the Gardai, Football Association of Ireland (FAI), local transition year students and ethnic minority community groups.

    Ania Adamowska and Gerard Koewn, Irish ambassador to Poland

    The conference will be addressed by The Immigrant Council of Ireland, Joe O’Brien, Integration officer, Des Tomlinson, Integration officer FAI, Emmanuel Samuel Euro Bug and representatives of Direct Provision, local Gardai and Green Councillor Malcolm Noonan.

    Topics down for discussion are the grass rootquestion.

    What is a migrant and what is direct provision services?

    What are the obstacles to integration? Crime rate in our Communities Integration through sport

    What Social Services are available to Migrant Communities? 

    This promises to be an enlightening and challenging conference.

    If you are interested in attending you can do so by contacting Info@twilight.ie asap as tickets are limited.