Magic: Music man, donkey and dog

    Colourful, beautiful and so relaxing

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    Pic: Donal Foley

    WE couldn’t resist.

    Our picture may not be of any great interest to our readers.

    And yet it just might be.

    In fact our believe it is that it will

    The picture is by Reporter photographer Donal Foley who rambled in Kerry recently and it could well be a Photo of the Year candidate.

    In our view it is a fantastically colourful photo graph of a music man and his best friends, his dog and his donkey.

    The scene in a Killarney, County Kerry Street is a beautifully relaxed on, fear le hata playing his favourite tune as the donkey listens carefully and the dog enjoys a nap.

    The picture may bring back happy memories to Reporter readers who may have enjoyed holidays in the Kingdom and indeed encourage others to remember that Irish holidays can be best.

    The message on the side of the hut perhaps sums up the entire story.

    Tóg Bog é translated means Take it easy and sure isn’t that is what holidays are all about.

    Who knows our friend the musicians and his animal entourage  may just arrive in the Valley Inn for the Emeralds cabaret.

    We suspect he may be a friend even a cousin of Paddy Fitzpatrick and Liam Coady.

    The trinity would certainly be kindred spirits.