Stephanie and Adrienne in locals

    Stephenie Hanlon

    STEPHANIE Hanlon will contest the local elections in Kilkenny for People Before Profit in May, 2019.

    Adrienne Wallace, also well known here, will be their candidate in Carlow.

    “At age 28 I believe it is time for the next generation of politics. I stand for grassroots politics that puts people first, is honest and accountable, and can transform a decaying system.

    Adrienne Wallace

    “I am challenging inequality in housing, health and in accessing education. I fight for the many, not the few, Adrienne told The Reporter.’
    Stephanie grew up and lives in Kilkenny and has spent years campaigning on local issues. This is her first time as a candidate.

    Working with youth fuelled her desire to understand societal inequality and led to earning two degrees.

    She was co-ordinator for the Together for Yes campaign and helped to lead the fight to repeal the 8th Amendment.

    She helped to establish the Kilkenny branch of United Against Racism.
    “The challenges that Kilkenny if facing are considerable. Communities will need support,” she said.

    “Kilkenny is growing. We need to protect our local social services, manage growth in our local economy, secure funding and taxation support for agriculture.

    “We must ensure an environmentally friendly and accessible approach to public transport that is inclusive of rural towns.”