Dunne and dusted: ‘Shock shocked

What’s in a name? James Brennan is policed by Darragh Brennan

A WEEK can be a long time in politics.

But two minutes can be a hell of a blast in the game of hurling.

Ask the boys of Carrickshock.

And you can double check with the lads from Castlecomer.

One minute, the ‘Shock was edging towards a quarter-final shot at James Stephens when John Power pointed the way.

The next, as the clock ticked menacingly towards the final feadóg, up popped sub Declan Dunne to smash home a goal that earned ‘Comer’s Erin’s Own the right to bid to lower the Village colours this weekend.

It is difficult to ignore the pun.

The game was Dunne and dusted for ‘Comer who had fought back gamely with a strong wind in their backs.

‘Shock had the benefit of that wind in half one and led by 0-10 to 0-3 at the break.

Adversity was ‘Comer’s lot but Erin’s Own players are made of stern stuff and they thundered back.

‘Comer resilience, courage and skills provided a real second half shocker for ‘Shock.

The tie was the proverbial battle of two halves. ‘Shock bossed half one. ‘Comer then took over.

The winners had many heroes but kudos have to go to one Michael Murphy who was their Roy of the Rovers as he contributed a healthy 0-9 in a Man of the Match performance.

Watch out Stephens has to be the messages, particularly if Erin’s Own can repeat Saturday’s second half form in the remaining quarter-final of the competition.