Curtis’s last stand: Class and courage

    Curtis Darcy with John Hickey, left, and Jimmy Walsh

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    AN INTERNATIONAL boxing challenge was in the balance as a talented young local boxer jumped into the ring.

    It was 7-6 to Germany in a 14 bout tournament against Ireland at our National Boxing Stadium.

    Proudly sporting his Irish jersey, young Callan Boxing Club scrapper Curtis Darcy battled to ensure an Irish victory as defeat would have given Germany a late equalizer to make it 7-7.

    The local youngster, with Head Coach Jimmy Walsh and coach John Hickey providing the guidance, wore his heart on his sleeve in his 75kg Boy 4 U14 bout.

    The atmosphere was electric as the boys traded punches. The good wine had been kept to the last as two hardy and talented lads gave it all for their countries.

    In the first of three 90 second rounds Curtis showed his mettle, boxed as he is trained. He took the fight to his opponent Davin Ambsisas and outclassed him with snappy punching.

    In the second round, the German upped the ante as he fought back with courage but it was Curtis who finished stronger.

    Round three was backs to the wall for Curtis as he began to tire. The lay-off between the end of last season when he did brilliantly in the European Championships and the start of the new season began to take its toll.

    But what he lacked in puff he certainly made up for in bravery and passion as he made his punches tell.

    The judges, four from Ireland and one German ruled 4-1 in favour of the Callan Club boy.

    Jimmy Walsh was delighted with the performance of the youngster.

    “John Hickey did a great job in the corner and was a big help to Curtis and I was thrilled to be in the thick of it as this young lad deserves every support. With continued dedication, Curtis can go on to enjoy more success at international level. The lad is a credit to our club,” Jimmy told The Reporter.