Pollanassa is our Tombstone Territory

Leac an Scail, Lismatigue

By Jimmy Rhatigan

Pics: Donal Foley

IT IS beautiful, stunning and may not get the publicity it deserves.

The area of Mullinavat in South Kilkenny is well known for its sporting exploits, notably its hurling heroes.

But, with due respect to healthy sporting exercises there is much more to this super area, notably an amazing waterfall, yes a waterfall, and an terrific tombstone from another time.

Then there are Tory Hill and lonassey and Inchicarron Castles. The latter was once the home of a famous poet called John McWalter, known as Tatter Jack Walsh, the head of a clan.

Mullinavat magic: the super Pollanassa Falls

In an area best known for its farming and tourism, it was the Pollanassa Falls and the Leac an Scail stone of the warrior or hero that really tickled our fancy.

The tombstone is special. It is one of the tallest and most spectacular examples of a portal dolmen in our country.

The size of the tomb is impressive, as is the engineering. The tomb was constructed using a large capstone resting on two large portal stones and a pillow stone resting on a back stone.

For those who may decide to travel to see this archaeological gem, the portal dolmen is also signposted as Harristown Dolmen.

And when you visit the Mullinavat region, for God’s sake don’t dream of moving on without viewing the magnificent Pollanassa Waterfall.

As Donal Foley’s photo shows it is superb, a brilliant piece of nature at its most elegant, a joy to behold, a place of peace and contemplation.

Those who may have visited the Niagara Falls on the border of Canada and the United States will forever treasure its beauty.

Similarly, readers who enjoyed the Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall in Africa, on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, will always remember it as one of the great wonders of the world.

You cannot miss the Falls. It is superbly well signaled, not beside a local road but on the body of tarmac in large bold, white letters.

For an afternoon of pure magic, get into the car and head to Mullinavat, aka The Rod Iron and to the magnificent Polllanasss Falls, our very own waterfall.

For some, Mullinavat, its mystique and magic may represent new terrain. We promise a wonderful experience and our guess is if you visit once, you will definitely return.