Maurice and John go ice-pigging

    At Pump: Adrian from Glan Uisce and Irish Water’s James O’Toole explaining the process to Councillor’s Maurice Shortall and John Brennan.

    IRISH WATER, in conjunction with our County Council, has been carrying out specialised cleaning of the water distribution network in the Castlecomer area to address long-standing issues with manganese build-up in the pipes.

    The cleaning of the water network known as ice-pigging involves pumping an ice solution into the pipeline under pressure to remove any built-up sediments and deposits. This is a very effective way to remove manganese deposits and will lead to much clearer water.

    To minimise the occurrence of manganese in the water, Irish Water has taken a three pronged approach: Cleaning of water storage reservoirs; Improvements to the water treatment processes; Cleaning of the trunk mains on the supply network.

    Ice solution comes out of network

    The work has been carried out by Glan Uisce Environmental Solutions Ltd (GUESL) in the Moyhora, Clogh, Moneenroe areas of Castlecomer.

    Councillor’s Maurice Shortall and John Brennan welcomed the investment and the works. Maurice said there had been frustrating times in the North East Kilkenny area with intermittent discolouring occurring despite the best efforts of the local caretaker who had to contend with low levels in the reservoirs and an outdated treatment plant at Loon, Castlecomer.”

    He thanked Irish Water, Suez and Glan Uisce Environmental Solutions Ltd.

    Members of Irish Water, Kilkenny County Council and Glan Uisce with councillors

    Irish Water is continuing to examine solutions to address the manganese issue in the longer term, including the option of identifying a new source of raw water.

    However this is a long-term investment requiring significant forward planning, design and lead-in time.

    It is hoped that the actions outlined above will help to reduce the discolouration issue in the interim.

    “We would like to thank our customers and elected representatives in Clogh and Castlecomer for their patience, engagement and support while we work to address this issue.”