Fear as accidents pile up

    Tomás Breathnach and Denis Hynes meet local residents 

    SPEAKING after the latest crash at a dangerous junction in Goresbridge, local resident and Labour General Election candidate Denis Hynes said it was the fifth accident in eleven months there.

    “I find it incredible that very little has been done by our county council to make this crossroads safe,” he said

    “A majority of these accidents stem from traffic coming from the Royal Oak side of the junction.

    “Some drivers mistakenly drive across the main road. Only three weeks ago a young girl was rushed to St Luke’s General Hospital following an accident.

    “It is clear that the road sign is not sufficient to warn drivers to stop.”

    Denis told The Reporter he had outlined the fears of locals to the council.

    Labour councillors Maurice Shortall and Tomás Breathnach had raised the issue with the council.

    “The area is a major health and safety issue. Goresbridge seems to be way down the pecking order of the local authority when it comes to spending money,” said Denis.

    Explaining the circumstances of the latest crash he said a local couple was heading to Kilkenny to pick up their grandchildren when the accident happened.

    Their car ended up on its side. They had to get out through the passenger window.

    They were relieved that their grandchildren were not in the car at the time.

    Denis and Councillor Breathnach had met locals and he is asking for a meeting with the local engineer and the Health and Safety Officer of Kilkenny County Council.