Cats save money thanks to Tipp

    The Vice CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency Paula Gallagher with CEO Paul Kenny

    A SON of Tipperary who is hosting a major international Climate Change gathering in Clonmel has food for thought for our Kilkenny Cats.

    As well as giving us useful tips, Paul Kenny, CEO of Tipperary Energy Agency, named as one of Ireland’s top 20 influencers who will shape our response to climate change, tells us how we can help the cause – and save money!

    Paul’s agency brings together one of the largest ever gatherings of leaders in climate change in Ireland today, Wednesday.

    Sea levels are rising by 3.2 millimetres per year, 17 of the 18 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001 and the levels of Carbon Dioxide in the air are at the highest in 650,000 years.

    Our people are being encouraged to take charge and lead climate change.  

    Paul who is leading County Tipperary to sustainable success has compiled a list of smart and easy energy changes that everybody can make in their homes or businesses.

    These tips will not only make a difference to the environment, but will also go a long towards helping reduce energy costs.

    Ireland is in a worse position when it comes to meeting targets to combating climate change than it was in 2016.

    In June, the country was singled out as the second worse country in the EU to progress towards renewable energy and climate changes.

    Change and save

    • Keep your fridge closed, every 10–20 seconds the door is open it will take 45 minutes for it to cool down to its original temperature.
    • Switching all lights to LED lighting could save €200 per annum.

    Even older fluorescent energy saving bulbs use up to three times more energy than LED.

    Your local electrical wholesaler has a huge range of lights.

    Buy warm white to match the colour.

    • Wash and dry smartly. Use dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers as late in the evening as possible.

    Be sure to run full loads of laundry in your washing machine and tumble dryer.

    A clothes horse or washing line can make a big difference to energy bills.

    A heavily used tumble dryer could burn over €200 worth of electricity a year.

    Consider building a shelter at your home and say goodbye to those bills.

    • When buying appliances always go for the top 1-2 efficiency bands, they will always save you in the long run.
    • An induction hob is twice as efficient as a gas hob, and seven times cheaper than bottled LPG to run.
    • For a family of four that buys four bottles of gas, that could save €120 per annum.
    • Ditch the car. A healthier and more sustainable option is to walk or cycle.
    • Switch one journey a week. Take public transport for long journeys. Travelling in or out of our major cities can be easier by train or bus saving time and sitting in congestion.
    • Reduce your water usage – turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shorten your shower.