Moroccan friends visit in October

    Murty Brennan and his son Philip receive mementos from their Tiznit hosts

    TWO members of our local Twilight Group’s Board visited Tiznit, Morocco to discuss interests they wish to develop in an upcoming agreement.

    Murty Brennan, GM and chair and Overseas Executive and

    vice-chair Philip Brennan were there for a week.

    The visit coincided with the Silvercraft Fair ninth session of silver festival in the city
    Under the slogan silver language: Identity, creativity and development the assembly highlights aspects of the cultural and heritage identity of the city.

    The duo was welcomed by the Governor of Tiznit, the King’s representative to the region.

    Newpark wit has new found Moroccan friends laughing heartily

    The connections between the arts, crafts and culture were discussed as Philip and the Mayor of Tiznit had a meeting with other members about the possibility of student exchange programmes between Tiznit and Kilkenny.

    A new bus terminal is an example of its forward thinking local government as this new terminal and shopping centre are targeting an increase in its ever expanding tourism trade.

    Air Arabia now fly directly  from Dublin to Agdair which makes Morocco as attractive as the sun spots of Spain and Portugal and the Canary Islands which to west of the Moroccan Atlantic  Coastline.

    The opening of the festival was attended by the Minister of the Interior and the craftsmanship and products on the display were of the highest quality of Silversmith workmanship.

    In October a four-person delegation will be here for the Twilight Group’s International Conference on The Stigmatisation of Migrants, along with partners from Margny Les Compiegne, France and Malbork, Poland.

    During the visit the Tiznit partner will bring its cuisine and preserves to Irish Communities to the Savour Food Kilkenny Festival, October 23 to 29.

    Twilight is looking forward to developing long and fruitful partnerships to benefit the communities of cities and regions.