Thomastown: A hub of real beauty

Pics: Donal Foley

TODAY we continue our series of picturesque Kilkenny.

In recent weeks, photographer Donal Foley has brought us to some wonderful places which we truly enjoyed through the sharp shooting of his cameras.

You will never be short of photographic work when you are dealing with good looking Kilkenny. There is beauty everywhere, smashing towns and villages and thousands of wonderful people to boot.

It is a case of eeny, meenie, miney,  mo and off we go, start the engine, feet on the pedals and away she drives.

You will be a matter of minutes only on the road before you hit a spot that you simply have to take for some picture postcard or other.

Thomastown was looking its best at the weekend, attired in summer gear.

As usual it was splendid, fantastically clean and colourful, with a buzz about it, lots of old world and great modern stuff too.

The peripherals of the waters and the wild are marvellous, structures from yesteryear, green fields and a bridge to somewhere or other.

There is no need to extol the virtues of Thomastown which has an interesting history, is home to a host of very talented people, artisans and otherwise and has a hugely active community.

Donal’s pictures will tell you more.