Super day with great people

    TRAVELLER Pride Day was at the parish community centre at the Butts Green .
    There was a constant flow of visitors, young and young at heart, who were intrigued at the travellers’ history.. 

    Visitors were invited to inspect the Barrel Caravan, the tent which served as accommodation for many travellers over the years and the various wares made by men and women of the travelling community.
    Tim Collins showed off his craft as a tinsmith and explained the importance of sourcing the correct material.

    He explained that each item had to be done properly. While giving a hands-on workshop, Jim went on to explain that he started his trade at the age of 12 and learned all the tricks of the trade from his father.
    “Growing up in Ireland was tough but it was hard for everyone, settled people and travellers.”
    Jim regaled the audience with stories of his travels over the 32 counties.
    He thanked staff of the community centre for hosting the day.
    Another traveller holding court was Paddy Collins who invited people to look inside the tinker’s, his word, caravan.

    A woman who accepted his invitation to view the inside of the caravan was asked by Paddy if it was her first time inside such accommodation.
    When she said it was, Paddy advised that she could make a wish, but not for a man or money.
    “You can ask for a rich mammy-in-law,” said Paddy.

    There was laughter all round.
    It was a good fun day with some great lessons in Irish history and culture thrown in for good measure.