Watergate Premiere for Ned’s musical

    Singers Noel O’Brien and Ned Vaughan at Fennelly’s with Ned Egan.

    NED EGAN’S great musical project is nearing completion.

    The project revolves around a film he’s been working on that will feature some of the many songs Ned has penned over the decades.

    The well known writer/storyteller managed to persuade a selection of talented singers to sing his songs, painstakingly directing them through seemingly hours of practice, rehearsal, and experimentation until they reached the pinnacle of perfection.

    Film-maker Shane Hatton with Ned Egan at Fennelly’s

    The songs were all inspired by Ned’s own stranger than fiction life, during which he lost an eye in a dynamite explosion while working in Australia, fought in a middle-eastern war, and survived deadly showdowns with sharks at sea.

    The project had to be stalled a few months when Ned suffered a stroke.

    Thankfully, the 82-year-old made a remarkable recovery and was able in recent weeks to resume the filming of Kilkenny Cats-the musical.

    The final segment of the project was filmed in the courtyard of Fennelly’s, Callan.

    Singers Noel O’Brien and Ned Vaughan performed under Ned’s watchful gaze and impeccable direction.

    Ned wishes to thank all the singers who participated in the project and had special words of praise for camera man Shane Hatton of Mill Hill Film for his top notch work.

    The film, now into the editing phase, will be shown at the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny, at a date to be announced by Ned.