‘Shock waves as Davy rallies

    Davy Fitzgerald has words of wisdom

    HURLING gaffer Davy Fitzgerald is not giving a half time team talk.

    Nor is he laying down the law after a team performance that might not have been to his liking.

    But he is rallying troops.

    His sleeves are rolled up and there is a challenge in the offing.

    He vacated his latest stomping ground, the Wexford senior hurling dressing-room and swapped it for Carrickshock’s GAA Clubhouse where he read the riot act and promised to lead a proud local GAA Club to a sensational fund-raising victory.

    For once, the former Clare star goalkeeper may not be confined to the dugout. For included in a novel competition called Carrickshock’s Family, is a team of celebrities that will challenge 13 local teams of four in a high powered fitness extravaganza.

    We have heard it whispered but the final celeb line-up has not yet been named so we cannot confirm or deny that the bold Davy will be togging out again at a night of puffing and panting in Hotel Kilkenny on July 21.

    Carrickshock is on fire with enthusiasm as, with the help of a son of Clare and a former Wexford hurler who now lives in Hugginstown, they are mounting a three-pronged attack to build up an arsenal of bundles of €20 and much more to help shoot a fund-raiser to success.

    The latter will bring a new pitch life to a passionate local club and perhaps send ‘Shock waves through the local game, a reminder that The ‘Shock is alive and kicking, pucking too.