Anne is key to helping Elaine

    Elaine Bradshaw giving unselfishly of her time and talents to Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    A DAUGHTER of Dublin who fell in love with our city is proving that luck and good friends are on her side when it comes to recovering stolen or lost property.

    Last year, champion golfer Elaine Bradshaw had trophies stolen from her home, but bordering on the miraculous, a silver cup, her pride and joy, was found dumped, wrapped in a plastic bag.

    On Thursday last, Elaine was again on the wrong side of misfortune when she lost a bunch of keys that included what she called the keys to her kingdom, hall door key,  key to her car and camper and keys to  homes of friends.

    Panic set in.

    Anne Ryan, High Street: Kind and caring as usual

    Elaine was due to drive to Enniscrone, County Sligo on Sunday where the Irish Ladies Golf Championship was being played, one of three national trophies she won in a lifetime of golfing.

    Operation Keys was in full swing as she visited city centre shops, explaining her plight and hoping that with the help of friends in business, the keys would turn up.

    She had mislaid them sometime between 10am and noon and as well as alerting local gardai, she sought the help of shopkeepers like Anne Ryan of Ryan Electrical, High Street in a bid to stave off any possibility of a non-appearance at the finals of a golf event which she had won half a century ago.

    Word was spread by Bush Telegraph and carrier pigeon perhaps that a bunch of keys had gone awry.

    “Anne Ryan proved to be a real treasure, she was wonderful, so kind and helpful. She did a super job of spreading the word.

    “Anne’s help and kind assistance from others paid off as my keys were found in Dunne’s Stores Market Yard car park by a man called Leo.

    “Leo deposited the keys intp the ticket office at the car park and they were passed on to Kilkenny Library where there was a contact number for me. Between word of mouth, help from KCLR Radio and the

    co-operation of kind and caring shop owners and staff I had my keys back.

    “I was thrilled and grateful. My luck was in. Just as I had got back my trophies, my keys were also found.. It is at times like this that you appreciate the wonderfully helpful people we have in our community.”

    The story had a happy ending. Elaine and her pet dog Cindy, a rescue puppy, headed to Sligo, a

    five-hour plus journey by camper.

    She delighted in watching younger members of the Irish Ladies Golfing Union battling for honours, and, her mind may have wandered back to yesteryear when she burned up the golf courses of Ireland with real style.

    In our city, Elaine may be best known for her brilliant work for Keep Kilkenny Beautiful, a voluntary community body where she was popular Hall of Fame Award winner.

    Lady luck continues to smile on a friendly and kind woman, proof positive that there is such a thing as Karma.

    She gives unselfishly of herself to her local community.

    In return that community responds positively in her hour of need.