Super co-operation: Global friendship

Johnson Atuya, Edith Rotich, Frank Musumi, Musso Chowo, Henry Limo and Fumbani Nyangulu outside St. Canice’s Credit Union

ST CANICE’S. Credit Union was delighted to host a delegation of credit union leaders from East Africa.

The delegation, representing credit union movements in Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania, discussed best practice in day-to-day credit union operations, including risk management, governance and managing transfers of engagement.

The visit here was organised and hosted by the Irish League of Credit Unions International Development Foundation (ILCU Foundation), the charitable arm of the Irish credit union movement.

The week-long study tour was in partnership with the African Confederation of

Co-operatives Savings and Credit Association.

The visit incorporated a mix of workshops, training sessions and field visits to credit unions.

During the visit, staff members and a director from St Canice’s shared experiences, information and guidance.

Claire Lawton, CEO, Eleanor Connolly, CFO and director Liam Heffernan with the delegation from East Africa

Discussions were very informative and the delegation now hopes to implement a lot of what they learned.

The delegation also had the opportunity saw the fantastic member services centre that St Canice’s Credit Union established to ensure it provided the best possible service for members.

The Irish Credit Union Movement, one of the most popular credit union movements in the world, and other countries, especially those in the developing world, look to Ireland as they develop and strengthen their own movements.

Claire Lawton, CEO St Canice’s Credit Union, said it was always great to get insights and ideas from other global credit unions and an opportunity to impart the successful learnings they had garnered from the mergers they had gone through in St Canice’s.

Sinéad Lynam, ILCU Foundation with the visiting delegation

Edith Roith, Credit Manager with Boresha Credit Union, Kenya said the delegation was very grateful to the staff in Croí Laighean.

“We have learned a lot from the credit union, we have learned a lot on mergers and learned so much about risk management.

“Throughout it all, I noted that everything the credit union does always requires a good deal of communication.

Furthermore, I am impressed with the work they do with the schools, and how the credit unions are building a culture of savings among young people.”

Sinéad Lynam, Engagement Officer with the ILCU Foundation thanked St Canice’s for their hospitality and time.

“These visits are a fantastic opportunity to see and hear first-hand how a successful credit union operates.

“The Irish credit union movement is renowned the world over and this visit to St Canice’s Credit Union allowed the delegation to understand how credit unions are embedded within the community and continuously looking at way to provide new products and services for members.

“This study visit is a valuable tool in knowledge sharing and it will allow the participants to identify strengths of credit unions in Ireland that can be used to further strengthen their own movements, all in accordance with the co-operative principles.

“I thank St Canice’s and its members for continued support of our work.”