English plaudits for Irish orders

    Former Stephens Barracks soldier Kevin McCormack carries the flag

    A UNITED Nations Day in London was headed up by former Irish soldiers who served with the UN in Lebanon and are now celebrating 40 years of involvement.

    Kevin McCormack, former soldier of Stephens Barracks, Kilkenny carried the UN Flag and a wreath was laid by Kieran Ryan, former Irish soldier living in Thomastown.

    Both soldiers served with the UN in Lebanon and in the parade were former soldiers who served in the Congo and Cyprus.

    They led the parade in front of the band of the Irish Guards. Some 124 countries had representatives serving in the UN Peace Missions.

    The Irish Ambassador also laid a wreath for all Irish personnel on UN Missions from 1958 to the present.

    The event organisers UN Association UK treated Irish soldiers with respect and dignity. The Queens Aide-de-camp also complimented on the commands given and received as Gaeilge.