Community school champs lauded in last hurrah

Danielle Morrissey and John Dowd, senior sports personality award

IT IS an event that is always looked forward to by staff, parents and particularly the student body at Castlecomer Community School.

The occasion is the announcing of winners in the sporting music and academic spheres at the highly respected North Kilkenny seat of learning.

It is a gathering to treasure for nominees, winners and indeed all students as for some the end of term get-together marks the beginning of the end of their secondary school years as third level education or the workforce beckon.

It is a time to take stock, to ponder on what lies ahead, the best road to follow.

And it is also an opportunity for staff and students to recharge the batters as they look forward to what all will hope will be a long, hot summer.

Then, in September, a majority of the students will start all over again.