Our local Combat Academy has huge fighting spirit

Grand Master Cezary Podraza 10th Dan from Poland, Seven times World Pro Kickboxing Champion

CONGRATS to members of the Kilkenny Combat Academy who passed their respective grades in Kickboxing.

A gruelling two-hour session tested all in physical fitness, fighting fitness, combination techniques, bag and pad work, and sparring.

No let up in the session saw people physically and mentally drained where they had to draw on their inner strength to survive.

The club can now boast five new Black Belts, two at junior level and three senior.

These were Junior 1st Dan to brothers Charlie and Evan Bourke, 1st Dan senior to Morgan McEnroe and Adam Doyle while Peter Pozarowski received his 2nd Dan.

Morgan McEnroe is also a very talented boxer and a Black Belt member of the Dragon’s Lair Academy in Kilkenny.

Grading Officers were Grand Master Tom Foley 10th Dan, Master Chris Dowling 5th Dan, Robert Miskow 4th Dan, and Mirek Stankiewicz 2nd Dan.

Next event for this progressive club was a seminar on Escrima, a Filipino fighting art where both combatants use two one-metre metre clubs, sticks to attack and defend an opponent.

Lots of sore fingers here if you do not watch what you are doing. This was followed by a seminar on knife defence and attack with both seminars under the watchful eye of Master Instructor and Guro John Hoey.

The Club hosted a major Kickboxing Seminar with seven times World Pro Kickboxing Champion Grand Master Cezary Podraza 10th Dan who travelled for Poland.

Cezary is also President for WKN in Poland. He took the group through a stringent fitness session followed by Martial Art and Kickboxing techniques and combinations.

This was followed by round after round of sparring. At the end of the event all were presented with certificates of participation by Cezary and club Instructors Robert Miskow and Owen Doyle.

There was a great surprise for Robert as he was presented with his 4th degree Black Belt which is well deserved for his many years service to the arts.

For his work in Martial Arts in Poland and across the World GM Cezary was appointed Director of the Black Dragon Association, Kokuryu Kai and the World All Styles Combat Association by President SGM Grand Master Tom Foley 10th Dan which.

Well done to club members who won world titles at the ISKA World Kickboxing Championships in Greece earlier in the year. These were Sadhbh Moran taking a well deserved gold and silver while her sister Holly got a brilliant silver.

Sadhbh and Holly are also involved in many other activities. Both very good camogie players with James Stephens Club and will have to find time as new aunties as there is a new baby on the scene.

Club Assistant Instructor Adam Doyle won a very worthy silver. Talented fighter Morgan McEnroe earned a super gold medal when he destroyed all before him at the Kick Boxing of Ireland and WAKO National Championships in Dublin.

He has been picked to represent Ireland at the European Championships later in the year.

Club Chief Instructors are Robert Miskow and Owen Doyle 3rd Dan with the real boss being Sonya Moran.

Sonya is a multi tasker as she takes on the roles as club secretary, child protection officer and doesn’t mind mucking in as corner person at tournaments.

The club venue is above Juno Paints, the old Curley’s Furniture Store in Hebron Estate.

Classes are held most nights. There are classes in Kickboxing, K1 Krav Maga, Karate and General Fitness, suitable for all ages from the very young to the young at heart.

This is a great way to enjoy yourself or if you just want to keep fit and drop a few pounds and is held in a very friendly atmosphere.