Making a song of it

Wine reviews – By Michael Wolsey

Mickey McConnell has a great song about a man who starts shopping in Lidl and Aldi. He goes for groceries but ends up buying all sorts of bargains: an angle grinder, a generator, and …

Alloy wheels and windscreen wipers and a bag of Rooster spuds

An inflatable rubber dinghy to help survive the floods

And there’s hatchets and hamburgers and there’s tins of beans and peas

And a petrol-driven chainsaw for cutting bits off trees

Recently I did it in reverse. I went Aldi to buy a carpet cleaner: not the sort of thing I would normally go to a supermarket for, but it was a real bargain. I managed to resist the angle grinders and rubber dinghies but found it really hard to get out of the wine section.

There were some great buys.

The Fire Tree Sicilian Riserva (€9.99):  This red is from the Nero d’Avola, Sicily’s top grape. It’s always a good choice regardless of what label it goes by. Prices vary a lot but you won’t find one much cheaper than this – or any better. Rich berry flavours with a slight taste of chocolate and liquorice.

Pata Negra Gran Reserva 2008 (€9.99): A smooth but very intense red from Spain. A little too rich for my taste. But if you like fruity wines you’ll love this.

Growers Club Sauvignon Blanc (€12.99): I find South African wines sometimes lack subtly but this, from the Western Cape, is a lovely little white. Great with fish or as an aperitif.

Ashwood Pinot Gris 2017 (€8.99): From New Zealand. It has the look and taste of honey and goes very well with cheese.