Come clean: A mouse but no cheese

    Many hands make light work

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    BEER bottles, cans, a computer and keyboard and a mouse were among the items picked up in a local clean-up.

    Variety was certainly the spice of rubbish life as the proud community of Skeoughvosteen came together for the annual spring clean-up.

    Little girl is big help

    And while a computer and a screen were quite unusual finds, it is only fair to point out that the mouse, no relation of the famous Mickey and Minnie, was not one of the cheese-nibbling kind but a devise that is most often used with a personal computer.

    The event, organized by the recently formed Skeoughvosteen Rural Development in partnership with Skeoughvosteen Parents’ Association was a tremendous success.

    Over 50 bags of rubbish were gathered from around the different townslands and local councillor.

    Chap Cleere thanked and congratulated all who participated.

    “The spring clean has been a massive success and our locality is looking its best following the clean-up.

    “Huge thanks goes to over 50 volunteers who took part in the clean up.”
    Chap said that, worryingly, there was a huge number of empty cans and beer bottles collected around the area.

    This was a surprise as these can be easily recycled for free in the bottle bank in Graignamanagh.
    One interesting item which was picked up was a computer along with screen, mouse, keyboard.