Seeing red …

Wine reviews – By Michael Wolsey

In the dim and distant past, when I worked for the late lamented Irish Press, we drank in a pub called Kennedy’s, beside Tara Street station in Dublin. It’s still there and quite trendy now; then it was pretty basic.

Hardly anyone drank wine in bars back then but Kennedy’s did stock a bottle of very good Bordeaux red for the benefit of the Evening Press’s legendary social columnist, Terry O’Sullivan. The only other customer who drank it was Jim, a retired printer who called in once a week for a catch-up with his old colleagues.

Terry was knowledgable about wine and fussy to the point of snobbishness about how he drank it, twirling the glass and savouring the aroma. He would look over in horror at Jim who drank his out of a half-pint tumbler.

“Philistine!” murmured Terry. “Sláinte,” responded Jim as he raised his glass for another swig.

Well … you pays your money. In my own drinking habits I am closer to Terry than Jim, but it’s the wine that counts, not the container. If you like good reds from Bordeaux, by the half-pint or otherwise, I recommend these, all from O’Briens.

Chateau Puy Marceau 2014 (€17.95), with flavours of blackberry and liquorice.

Chateau Sante-Marie Supérieur 2015, for a lighter, red-fruit taste.

And for a special occasion, Chateau Poujeaux Moulis-en-Medoc 2011 (€48), extra smooth with very subtle flavours. This one’s too dear for journalists but Jim, if he’s still with us, might dip into his pension for the odd half-pint.