War dates for your diary

    Memorial from World War 1

    THE Kilkenny Great War Memorial Committee will unveil two war memorials in Kilkenny City later this year.

    Many Reporter readers may have family abroad and may wish to travel to attend one or both ceremonies and may wish to book flights and or accommodation.

    MacDonagh Reilway Station tribute

    The memorial to the 825 war dead will be unveiled on July 15, meet 1pm for a 2pm ceremony.

    Venue is the Peace Park, John’s Quay.

    Memorial to 1,329 who served in World War 1 and World War 2 will be unveiled on August 12 at a planned time of 4pm, to be confirmed, at MacDonagh Railway Station.

    This is a recreation of the station as it would have looked in 1918. A parade through the streets of Kilkenny will also be held.

    Both ceremonies will be held with respect and dignity to honour the memory of all those from Kilkenny who served in both wars.

    If anyone has any names that have not been sent to the committee should send information to  kilkennywarmemorial@gmail.com

    Donations are still needed towards the memorials. Reporter readers can drop donations into The Kilkenny Great War Memorial c/o 48 John Streete, Kilkenny or directly to

    Bank of Ireland, Parliament Street, Kilkenny.