Super support for soldiers after Reporter Comment

    Huge respect from families

    Pic: Donal Foley

    THE REACTION to our Comment&Opinion piece last week in which we called on our Government to give our Defence Forces the respect and financial rewards and conditions which they deserve, was overwhelming.

    Our piece really hit the spot and we are grateful to all who contacted our newspaper pledging their support for our soldiers.

    We particularly thank retired members of the Defence Forces for their written contributions in which they support their colleagues of today’s army.

    Today, we again publish the excellent photo by our photographer, Donal Foley which, due to an intrusion by gremlins, printed poorly.

    We are happy to honour the men, women and children, members of soldiers’ extended families who are in our picture and who were tremendously respectful at a review and march past by 130 troops before a peacekeeping mission to the Golan Heights.

    Family respect for the occasion was admirable at a time when paltry wages mean that several families are poverty stricken and forced to rely on Family Income Supplements to clothe and feed their children.