Old codgers splash pension cash as they celebrate hike with €11.50 toast to friends

    Pensioners splash the cash. From left, Tommy Roche, Paul Roberts, proprietor Ragazzi Café, Loughboy Shopping Centre, Jimmy Rhatigan, Reporter Editor and Eddie Kennedy, Callan

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    THREE OLD codgers grappled with a conundrum at the weekend.

    On Good Friday, a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His death at Calvary, our trinity had, with respect, their own cross to bear.

    Each of them had been given a fillip of a fiver, cúig Euros, and not being used to having money to spare, they were unsure where or how to spend their new found wealth.

    For the information of Reporter readers only, the trio is happy to declare that the money came by way of pension hikes and other allowances from their pals in the Department of Social Protection.

    With fellow pensioners and others receiving allowances from said department, they were €5 better off than they were a week earlier.

    And the good news is that the hike will now be paid to them every week by the same said department.

    Buddies, Eddie Kennedy, a sprightly 73 year old and Tommy Roche, a mere 62, both sons of Callan, and city slicker and Reporter editor, Jimmy Rhatigan, a sometimes contrary 67, decided it was time for a celebration.

    It is not every Friday, Saturday either, that one gets a present from Government, a good decent sum too, according to said Government.

    Keeping in mind that their parents always told them to spend wisely, the lads planned astutely.

    ‘We can’t be too flaithulach’: Tommy Roche

    A party was to be enjoyed at the warm and welcoming Ragazzi Cafe at Loughboy Shopping Centre, owned by Paul Roberts, a next door neighbour to SuperValu, with guest of honour, Reporter photographer, Donal Foley, to snap the occasion for posterity.

    Our blessed trinity drinks to the health of benevolent friends

    With a respectable €15 in the pot, it was vital to ensure that there wasn’t a spendthrift among us.

    The latter ascertained, it was agreed to purchase three coffees.

    Full stop.

    Hold on now lads, we are down €7.50 already, advised Eddie.

    We can’t be too flaithulach, said Tommy.

    Well spent, the brew, as usual. was delicious.

    Now it was decision time.

    Would we blow the remainder or keep it for a rainy day?

    After much deliberation and soul searching, it was decided, not without much debate, to invest in four Snack Bars, including one for our snapper friend who doesn’t drink coffee.

    That added a further €4 to the bill, now €11.50, leaving us with €3.50 still to play around with.

    We decided to head to a local store, bought a box of chocolate marshmallows and shared them out, to be distributed to our grandchildren.

    Now everybody would be happy.

    The kitty was empty.

    But what about it.

    Sure, feck it, we had a right spread at Ragazzi.

    So it’s only fitting that we should thank our ever so benevolent friends in the aforementioned Department of Protection.