Nurse asks: How many more must die?

    Battling Breda accuses TD of lack of courage

    INDEPENDENT Councillor, South East Health Forum Member and former nurse Breda Gardner is continuing to campaign passionately for proper cardiac care services in the South East. 

    At the last South East Health Forum meeting she proposed a motion asking Health Minister Simon Harris, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and all TDs in the South East for their help and support in the immediate implementation of 24×7 cardiac care services in University Hospital, Waterford.

    The Health Forum awaits their replies, and any reasons they may have for not supporting the motion.

    “My motion was unanimously endorsed by local councillors from all parties, yet at national level, our politicians are seemingly incapable of doing anything about this urgent need,” Breda told The Reporter

    “If councillors from across the political spectrum can come together to back 24×7 cardiac care in the South East, why can’t the 19 TDs here do the same, and demand that the government immediately act on this matter of life and death?  “For all the talk of a private member’s motion to force the government’s hand on the issue, not one local TD has been brave enough to nail his or her colours to the mast and propose the motion in the Dáil. 

    “Meanwhile, the stark reality is that people continue to die because of this shameful inaction of our politicians.  How many more people must die before they do something?

    “I am reliably informed by the South East Patients’ Advocacy Group that another person died in circumstances that I, from my nursing background, believe are directly linked to the lack of proper cardiac care in our region.

    “This tragic loss is not the first preventable death here, nor will it be the last, I regret to say. 

    “You wouldn’t have a fire brigade that worked only 9 to 5 and not at weekends, but that’s the sort of emergency service we have for cardiac care.

    “We don’t need any more flawed reviews, pointless, showboating meetings or sticking plaster solutions, we need 24×7 cardiac care in the South East, and we need it right now,” said Breda.