Local roads now bottle banks

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    OUR LOCAL roads are becoming dirt tracks as irresponsible motorists, some passengers too, throw used cups, cans and cartons out the windows of cars and other vehicle.

    The evidence is damning.

    A litter audit by Kilkenny County Council showed that on one kilometre of roadside it can be expected to find 127 plastic bottles, 100 drink cans and 43 disposable cups, all items more than likely discarded from passing vehicles.

    It is certainly timely that an anti litter roadside campaign should be launched by the local authorities.

    The campaign began with a meeting of representatives of Thomastown and Inistioge Tidy Towns in the film village of Inisioge.

    Locals were put in the picture about the campaign where the plan is to eliminate roadside litter at source.

    The slogan is ‘bin it, don’t fling it’ and encourages drivers to have more respect for the roads that drive them to work and bring them home again.

    It is no secret that some roads are destroyed, with road verges strewn with takeaway wrappers, plastic bottles and coffee cups.

    Frank Sullivan, Inistioge and Colin Castle, Thomastown praised the collaboration between councils in the South East. 

    Councillor Michael Doyle said the connecting road between Inistioge and Thomastown was heavily littered and was far too dangerous to litter pick with its heavy traffic volumes, dangerous bends and the absence of a hard.

    “Ideally it would be better to litter pick every stretch of roadside, but this task requires financial resources which are not available so to eliminate the problem at source, the Environmental Awareness Officers of three councils have combined efforts to highlight the issue and to encourage road users to change their behaviour,” said Bernadette Moloney, Environmental Awareness Officer of Kilkenny County Council.