Hollywood style: Champers and Rolls Royce

Captains Margaret O'Keeffe and Seamie Brennan with President Hanoria Fogarty at the golf club drive-in

Chubby Brennan – In Castlecomer

NATURE’S recent fury finally relented to give way to spring serenity and sunshine and simultaneously afford captains, Margaret

O’Keeffe and Seamie Brennan the opportunity to create their own bit of golfing history.

They were driven to the classy surrounds of Castlecomer Golf Club, right up to the tee box in a sleek and shimmering Rolls Royce, a fantastic Hollywood-like ceremony.

They popped open a bottle of champagne and after ceremonial consumption, proceeded to drive in with grace, elegance and accuracy to rapturous applause from a quite sizeable and appreciative gathering of golfers and family members

What a wonderful start to the golfing season in hallowed Castlecomer.

The club thanked Ned Kelly of Crutt for providing a Rolls Royce and for his expertise double jobbing as driver and chauffeur. Take a bow Ned. 

Nine early morning teams and 22 afternoon teams played to honour the popular captains.

For the record the results are: 1 Michael Curry, M Furlong. Gerry O’Neill, Ann O’Neil 24.2; 2 Eddie Kenny, Paul Walsh, John Lacey, Delia O‘Donohoe 25.4; 3 Shamus Malone, Kieran Brennan, Kevin Mulhall, Freida Campion. 26.1. 

It would be remiss not to single out golfer, Delia

O’Donohoe whose eagle proved pivotal in elevating her team to second place and ensuring, for her, a place in drive-in day folklore on the Castlecomer plateau.

Yes, it is one of the great days in any golfing calendar

After the 9-hole stableford scramble, the players retired to a meal served up by chef and restaurant, bar manager,Eddie Walsh and Tina, Suzanne, Miriam and Ciarán.

With Eamonn Breen announcing the winners in style and captains Seamie and Margaret covering all items of relevance, all that was left was to discuss possible winners at Augusta, Georgia, USA in two weeks time.

The Tiger roar is back. Could he star in a golfing fairytale in 2018? Interesting golfing weeks ahead. 

Diary: Seniors’ 18-hole stableford classic today, Wednesday; Men’s 18-hole stableford singles on this Friday and Monday next; Two-person Team stableford, any combination, Saturday and Easter Sunday.

With the greens recently pole forked and sanded, all can look forward to billiard table- like greens.

Full compliments to all who played at the weekend for repairing plug marks on the greens and replacing fairway divots or, in cases, sand replacement in the divots.