Business chief meets our people

    A CHIEF of the largest computer company in the world comes to Kilkenny shortly to speak with young and young at heart on how best to present for the employment market, including returning to work.

    Des Duggan, European Sales Leader at International Business Machines (IBM) will be in The Berkeley Suite at the Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street on April 7 at 2pm. 

    He will go through what multinational employers like Google, Facebook and IBM along with smaller local businesses are looking for. 

    He will share the story of his own unorthodox rise to this current position with members of the newly formed local group Kindred where the aim is to try to combat the issue of suicide in our city.

    Based at the Young Irish Film Makers, members of Kindred will hear Mr Duggan speak about helping individuals to identify personal characteristics or attributes they may be overlooking as valuable assets when contacting potential employers or when choosing the path in life they would find most fulfilling. 

    It can be a real challenge for people to see their best self when they may not have had any kind of encouragement or mentoring in their lives.

    However much people may want to move forward, change can be very difficult, with self doubt and a lack of confidence as obstacles.

    The focus of this workshop will be on instilling the confidence for individuals to identify their true skills and on how best to present those skills for potential employers. 

    The workshop is free to attend and all are welcome. 

    Spaces are limited, so it is advised to go along early to be seated.

    Attendees are invited to submit their resumés to Mr Duggan on the day, should they wish to apply to IBM for employment.

    Members of Kindred have thanked Paul Broderick, GM of the Pembroke Hotel for hosting this event.