A bleat about lamb

Wine reviews – By Michael Wolsey

No lambs will die on my account this Easter. It’s not a matter of principle, I just don’t like the meat very much. It tends to be fatty or stringy or both.

If you disagree, I recommend a velvety smooth Italian red to accompany it. It goes by the romantic name of Romeo and Juliet Passimento Red (€17.95 in O’Briens) and has a very distinctive label showing part of Juliet’s Wall in Verona where lovers leave thousands of messages every day.

I might go for duck in a cassoulet – or with an unusual Neven Maguire recipe for a smoked duck salad with raspberries. You’ll find it in a Simply Better magazine being given away at Dunnes Stores. They recommend a Malbec called Esquinas de Argento (€14.99) to go with it.

Or I might try a simple chicken dish like coq au vin. Sling any old red into the pot but pick a nice Fleurie to drink with it. You can pay a lot for wines of this name but Aldi has a very good Fleurie, with loads of red fruit flavours, in their Exquisite Collection range at €11.99

My dislike of lamb only stretches to legs and racks of ribs. I have no problem with lamb stews or tagines and I would recommend Côtes du Roussillon, Languedoc reds or a crianza Rioja to go with them.

And what wine goes with Easter eggs? Maybe Aldi’s Fire Tree Sicilian Riserva (€9.99) which tastes a little of chocolate and liquorice.

No wine goes with real eggs – unless you are drinking at breakfast, in which case try red biddy.