Young love can revive old values

    Our youth in action as they accompany and assist pilgrims in Lourdes

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    THERE are times when for whatever reason, people are reluctant to give credit where credit is due.

    As adults, it is our duty to encourage the next generation, to give a pat on the back where one is deserved and certainly not to knock a future generation that, with a miniscule number of exceptions, is a credit to Mother Ireland.

    Today, The Reporter, outlines the great work of Kilkenny students that is done quietly, willingly, with admirable enthusiasm without any shouting from roof tops.

    Transition Year students from mixed schools and from boys’ and girls’ secondary schools in our city and county are an integral part of our Ossory Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

    They are among the unsung heroes who also include volunteer nurses, doctors, kitchen personnel, Brancardiers and Handmaids who give of their time, talents and energy to ensure that a week in Lourdes represents the break of a lifetime for assisted pilgrims who need tender, loving care as they embark on a prayer project or simply enjoy a holiday in France.

    The story of the students’ part in the diocesan pilgrimage should make for warm hearts in a season of biting cold.

    It is a tale of love, loyalty, teamwork, co-operation amongst young people, fantastic rapport with our young at heart and positive follow-up friendship with pilgrims for years, a lifetime in some cases.

    It is proof positive that our next generation may tidy up a political mess in particular that was created and is continually supported by so-called responsible adults.

    Young is certainly beautiful. Ramble on to our pilgrimage insight story On Pages 22&23 and you will find out exactly why we are so positive about young Ireland making our country of the future a better and fairer place to live.