Horses of beauty enjoy a chat

    Beautiful animals at Mount Juliet.

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    Pic: Donal Foley

    OUR super picture of exquisitely groomed horses on the snow covered lands of Mount Juliet may just bring to mind a television talking horse of yesteryear called Mr Ed.

    The bold Ed was known to enjoy a good natter with his fellow equines and he liked a few words too with his human mates.

    Our picture just might give some readers the idea that the Mount Juliet beauties might just be having a quiet word with each other, perhaps one consoling his or her mate that the bad weather was on the way out.

    Or they may have been speculating on Cheltenham where some of their pals may be in the running for big race glory.

    Either that or the magnificent animal specimens are soul mates planning to share a bale of hay together in a comfortable eveing in as they chill out at a warm stable.

    Living at Ballylynch Stud and enjoying the best of equine pampering, the horses will no doubt be happy that Storm Emma has drifted by and that Jack Frost and his snowball friends may be about to return the green, green grass to the animals who cherish it so much.