Gentle mountain with mean streak

    IT WAS tall order but a team from the 1st Kilkenny Scouts were ready, willing and able.
    There was a cock crow start for 26 scouts, 5 leaders, one parent and one girl left the scouts den with adventure on their minds.
    Lugnaquilla, the 925m (3,035ft) mountain was their target, the highest point in the Wicklow Mountains.
    A gentle mountain with a mean streak, the bitter wind and numbing cold were the biggest obstacles the scouts had to overcome on the hike to the summit.
    Although it was a real struggle at times, not one scout even thought about giving up.

    A comforting arm over the shoulder or shared joke with one another spurred the scouts on, each scout a real inspiration.

    Leaders showed great care and patience and fantastic encouragement, believing in the scouts more than they did in themselves, giving great advice on ways to battle through difficulties. 

    The group slowly but surely made it to the top through the toughest of elements. 

    The elation felt when the summit was reached and the reward of spectacular views were difficult to describe.

    As one scout said: “It was worth all the pain.”
    When setting of, nobody realised what a busy spot they were heading to.

    They encountered many wonderful groups and enjoyed chatting to them along the way. Compliments were plentiful with 1st Kilkenny Scouts impressing others as a large group of young climbers, well prepared for challenging conditions.

    The exemplary behaviour Kilkenny boys was also referred to, as the lads showed respect for their environment and took care to leave the mountain as they found it so that others could enjoy the wonderful terrain.
    Reaching the top was only half the challenge completed but with the wind now at their backs the prospect of going all the way back didn’t seem as daunting.

    The sense of achievement was immense when on reflection the realisation sunk in of what had been achieved by each person in the group.
    There was a snooze on the way home for some exhausted little bodies, with dreams of their next adventure and three future peaks to be conquered.