Frosty had one too many

    Oh dear, Frosty takes a tumble.

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    Pic: Donal Foley

    FROSTY the Snowman didn’t have much to drink but he still had one too many and found that his world was turned upside down.

    He is not a regular in the area but when he is around, Frosty likes a pint of Fred Malzard’s creamy Guinness and the odd chaser as he chats to locals in Charlie and Mary Malzard’s popular hostelry which still proudly carries the family name of O’Grady.

    But the notion is that he overstayed his welcome in Stoneyford Village over the last few days and, yes he did, he over indulged, just a wee bit over the top, enough to send him toppling from his stool and hurtling him backside over head into the great outdoors.

    But the Snowman who has become quite popular in the area, although he has not visited for some time, was loyal to the last as he proudly sported his black and amber cap.

    He enjoys a game of hurling but he is never around for the height of the summer hurling season, even though his heart melts to be present at an All-Ireland Hurling Final.

    Anyway, as he cherishes all his customers, Fred looked after Frosty who was quite cold but he didn’t put him sitting at the pub fire for obvious reasons.

    As we went to press, Frosty was still hanging around but the belief is that he is moving on to wherever he normally calls home.

    Siberia myabe?

    As luck would have it, Reporter photographer Donal Foley was driving past at the time of Frosty’s unfortunate tumble and snapped a momentous picture that our visiting friend will no doubt exhibit on the wall of his igloo.