Coalman delivers to elderly

    Coalman Colin has a heart of gold

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    KIND hearted local businessman, Colin Ahern was reluctant to talk about his contribution to operation snow help.

    The owner of Marble City Fuels at Hebron Industrial Estate believed that the credit for a fantastic spell of volunteer service to our local community should go to the Snowbusters who he termed our unsung heroes.

    But The Reporter had been told by members of the Snowbusters that Colin had been a great supporter of their efforts.

    Along with contributing free salt for de-icing and briquettes to be distributed to those in need, he also used his own jeep to help with deliveries.

    “It is good to be able to play some part. We checked on elderly customers and we have bags of fuel put aside for this week for older people,” he said.

    Colin said it was heartening to see so many people giving of their time and talents to help out our local community at what had to be a very distressing time.