Home, sweet home and sparkling clean too

    Jennifer McCreery, founder of the Cleaning Concierge. Pic: Dylan Vaughan

    TOMORROW, Thursday marks the official start of spring, the traditional time to tackle the annual spring clean. Kilkenny’s premium home cleaning company, The Cleaning Concierge, has launched its all-inclusive home cleaning packages with additional services of ironing and gardening.

    Established in 2015 by Jennifer McCreery, The Cleaning Concierge, a sister company of the South-East’s largest cleaning firm, McCreery Contract Cleaning, brings all the latest technology, specialist equipment and training to its home cleaning service.

    From as little as €3 per day, the cost of a cup of coffee, The Cleaning Concierge’s professional team offers regular home cleaning programmes.

    The affordable cleaning packages start from €3.00 per day for a typical three-bedroom home.

    A bespoke cleaning plan is arranged with each customer, with two visits per month, the qualified team vacuum and dust throughout the home, wash floors and refresh upholstery.

    The kitchen and bathrooms are hygienically cleaned and sanitised. Every surface sparkling, all dust destroyed, and every trace of grease and grime gone. Packages for larger houses are also available.

    Benefits of a regular cleaning package are crystal clear. A sparklingly home, more time to spend with family and friends and getting much needed rest and relaxation from a busy working week.

    The Cleaning Concierge’s Eco-friendly products are suitable for those with allergies, pets and for small children.

    Jennifer McCreery, founder of The Cleaning Concierge told The Reporter: “Every day I see clients and members of my own family, trying their best to have a career, run a household and raise children, who have all sorts of extra-curricular activities.

    “Time is precious and more and more people see the value in having their homes cleaned professionally. This frees up quality time to spend with family and friends.”

    She went on to say that is why they have created these affordable home cleaning packages, from as little as €3 per day, so more people can enjoy that feeling of coming home to a spotlessly clean house.

    The Cleaning Concierge is known for its highly skilled, discreet and trusted team, fully trained, Garda vetted and insured.

    The Cleaning Concierge welcomes enquiries from across the South-East for a free consultation. See: www.thecleaningconcierge.ie