Artist rallies to help homeless

    This beautiful picture is up for grabs

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    A RENOWNED artist has joined a brilliant local charity in its battle with homelessness.

    The Good Shepherd Centre that works with homeless men and families received a boost when a painting was presented to be raffled in a fund-raising drive.

    The painting, Jeninkstown Woods by Jean Lowndes will be on display at St Canice’s Credit Union and then at MacDonagh Junction from March 10 to 17.

    The Reporter has been told that the situation at the Good Shepherd Centre, a neighbour of St Canice’s Cathedral, continues to be serious.

    Numbers of those seeking shelter continue to grow and there is a worsening situation due to a broken housing system.

    Two groups of people have emerged, according to Good Shepherd General Manager, Noel Sherry.

    “These are people experiencing homelessness and people experiencing housing disadvantage.

    “People experiencing housing disadvantage are groups such as the elderly, disabled and young families.

    “What typically characterises each group are the current prices of properties, chronic shortages in housing supply that make it impossible for people in these groups to access permanent and quality homes.”

    Noel said the Good Shepherd Centre, with the support of Kilkenny County Council, is seeking to buy properties to provide for homeless people and those experiencing housing disadvantage.

    “Our aim is to provide quality and affordable housing with appropriate degrees of support to assist single people and families to live in their communities of origin.

    “The costs of services mount each year, funding has not grown to match increases in people needing services.

    “Our centre must continually turn to the public for help. Please support our raffle for the beautiful Jenkinstown Woods painting by Jean Lowndes.”

    Tickets for the raffle, €2 per line or €10 for six lines, are on sale at Solo Fashion, 58 High Street, Kafé Katz, 3 Ormonde Street and the Good Shepherd Centre.

    The tickets will also be on sale at MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre on March 10 and 17.