Thumbs up for Barney Carey epic

    Adam Dougal as Barney Carey with Julie Sharkey as The Bearded Lady

    Pics: Dylan Vaughan

    ALMOST 2,000 excited primary school children attended Barney Carey Gets His Wings at the Watergate Theatre, for six virtually sold-out performances.

    This was the latest world premiere by Kilkenny’s internationally-acclaimed theatre company, Barnstorm.

    The play is about a seven-and-a-half-year-old, Barney Carey, who wants to wear his fairy wings to the local football match.

    Adam Dougal & Eoin O’Sullivan

    His dad tries to talk him out of it, until the appearance of a magical lady with a beard, who manages to talk sense into the pair.

    Many of the school children thought the piece was ‘epic’ and they loved the glittery up-beat ending; but any underlying meaning was not lost on the young audience.

    One child said it was a really good play. “I love the message: don’t be afraid to be different. And that’s important because you shouldn’t feel that you have to be something you’re not.”

    Jim Carroll brought his niece and nephew along on Saturday and he described the play as a gentle and kind message that worked at the child’s, as well as the adult’s level so, it was really fabulous.

    His nephew, Thomas, thought it was really good. “I liked all the humour in it. It was all about being yourself – you can be whatever you want.”

    Barnstorm Theatre Company’s 2016 play Star Chasers will tour nationally shortly, while their ever-popular, The Bockety World of Henry and Bucket will play Spain in April.