Newpark people of vision and ingenuity

    FAIR play to the people of vision at Newpark Close Family Resource, a facility that does so much to make life that bit more comfortable for the young and young at heart in their bailiwick.

    At the weekend a plan to make a defibrillator available 24/7, a possible life-saver for those who may suffer heart attacks, was unveiled.

    The project is another vital piece in a community jigsaw that makes the centre, under the brilliant stewardship of Sheila Donnelly and her team, is a life or death move that could save many lives.

    It was perhaps ironic that a good collection of locals enjoyed cream cakes and coffee as they spoke about saving people following sudden heart attacks.

    But the hugely enthusiastic and very supportive gathering certainly deserved a treat as support and more support was promised for a plan that will mean a safety net that will always be available for a close-knit community and its friends.

    The gathering was told of a number of local businesses that already provide defibrillators but, oddly, nobody seemed to know how to go about accessing a defib in the case of an emergency.

    Would it be too much to ask that a defibrillator for public use would be housed at a city centre venue that would always be accessible?

    It was Mayor Michael Doyle who pointed out at the get-together that a defib in his home place of Inistioge had helped to save two lives, a local and a tourist, since it was purchased by the local community.

    What price a life?

    We get hot under the collar about dog poop and chewing gum littering our streets and we accept that people have every right to clean thoroughfares.

    But, surely to God, a little more attention should be paid to providing something that could save a human being.

    Life is precious.

    Let’s help to protect it.

    And well done to Frank Cody, Margaret Lanigan and all at Newpark FRC for their ingenuity.