Students target a killer beast

    A twirl on our pedestrian Bridge

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    CLASSY local students who think positively are using places of local beauty to highlight a killer beast.

    The intriguing River Nore and our scenic and medieval city are being used as backdrop to Kilkenny City Vocational School’s 2018 Junk Kouture Recycling Competition entry, Plastisea.

    The latter is a compilation of work by energetic and committed students and teachers who pull no punches as they focus on the dangers of dumped plastic that is ravaging fish and mammal life in the waters and the wild of our country.

    The school is still flying high from its All-Ireland success of 2017. Where so many others struggle to retain standards, the school has returned with a challenging and compelling entry.

    Deadline for the 2018 was January 27 which required photographs, concepts and a summary of the design.

    Plastisea focuses on the danger our much loved waters are currently facing. Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea?

    To create awareness of this issue, a dress is made of plastic materials you would find in your everyday bathroom, all of which are often carelessly thrown away.

    These include plastic PVC shower curtains, shower mats and puffs, plastic name badges and other household plastics.

    Every day aquatic life including fish, whales and dolphins are suffering. These beautiful creatures are killed by the plastic filling up their organs.

    Plastisea is the voice of students of Kilkenny City Vocational School, representing waters near and far.

    The project saw a cross curricular approach from Home Economics, Art, Metalwork and other classes.

    Students and their teacher will find out tomorrow, Thursday if they have reached the regional finals of the competition.