Fans rally to boost super musician

    ’Please dad can I...? As Councillor Andrew McGuinness played at the John Travers Concert, his four year old son Jack made a surprise appearance on stage requesting that he be allowed to play the drums. And he did play…with his bare hands

    Photo: Donal Foley

    THE House Full sign told its own story

    A benefit night for one of our finest and most popular musicians was packed to the proverbial rafters.

    Langton’s Set Theatre was agog as fans, friends and supporters of all ages, people who over the years have enjoyed the wonderful singing and musical magic of a son of Fatima Place turned out in force to show their solidarity to a man who can play a multitude of musical instruments.

    John has devoted his active life to a musical scene that he loves so dearly.

    He is recovering from illness and those who have such respect for him as a person and entertainer will wish him a safe journey back to full health.

    As well as enjoying the goodwill of a caring public, John also received fantastic support from fellow musicians who helped to make Friday a wonderful night to remember.

    Entertainers included Joseph O’Faolain, Billy Barron, Willie Maher, Andy Murray, Andrew McGuinness, The Hot Four, Yvonne Moriarty and Kevin Byne.