Ger’s template: Honesty and passion beat iron fist

    Theatre manager Ger Cody had a leading role in the brilliant drama, Kings of the Kilburn High Road by Irish playwright Jimmy Murphy

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    Pic: Ken McGuire

    A LOCAL man is proof positive that encouragement and co-operation beat an iron fist in business.

    As a young lad and into his teens and twenties, former Watergate Theatre boss Ger Cody was a livewire, impromptu entertainer, character and prankster.

    He respected fellow workers and in turn he won their support.

    He was, during his theatre years, and still is, a right funny man, and great raconteur whose work ethic has always been strong.

    On Pages 34&35 today Ger speaks frankly about his years as theatre boss, tells a few wacky stories and recounts why his template of passion and honesty proved to be a hit.

    Ger has hung up his theatre boots after almost 25 years as Watergate  general manager, a job he said he loved for every second of what he calls his years at our one time Savoy Cinema.

    In an amateur acting career to rival his professional status, Ger travelled with shows to Czechoslovakia, Sweden and Canada.

    He is the man of warmth and talent who won the hearts of theatre audiences, a thespian who enthralled in Shaughraun, Dark of the Moon, Arms and the Man, and, arguably the greatest local show of all, The Kings of the Kilburn High Road.