Firemen and paramedics to the rescue

    Chequeing in: Back: Walter Wallace, Corabh Wise, Andy Tyrrell, Andy Kavanagh,J immy Corcoran and Andy Ramsbottom. Frpmt: Sean Heffernan,Sandrine Dunlop,Gena Roche, Michael Kavanagh and Paddy Horohan

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    DASHING to help people is in the nature of our firemen and ambulance crews.

    So it was no surprise when the said sectors of emergency services continued to do their bit for our community as they handed out cheques to local charities at a get-together in Kilkenny Fire Station, Gaol Road on Friday evening.

    For what amounts to the proverbial donkey’s years, male and female members of the fire service and ambulance paramedics have been singing for their supper at Christmas time.

    Well not exactly for their own suppers, but for the good of charities in the region who do such brilliant work all year round.

    Drakelands man and former St Luke’s General Hospital paramedic, Seán Heffernan has been the co-ordinator of the great annual warble session in City Hall, High Street at Yule and he continues to do a great job.

    He was originally a member of the cobbled together choir of emergency front liners and their friends, until someone discovered that he was no Mario Lanza.

    Anyway, two local groups were the beneficiaries of welcome cheques at the weekend.

    The cheques were presented by Seán Heffernan from the Ambulance Corps and Michael Kavanagh on behalf of the Fire Service.

    Delighted to be recipients were L’Arche and the The Kilkenny Great War Memorial Committee.

    Retired military policeman, Paddy Horohan and Jim Corcoran accepted the cheque on behalf of the memorial commitee while Sandrine Dunlop and Gena Roche represented L’Arche.