Tina, Olivia, Tony and Billy

    Olivia Newton-John. Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia Commons

    YOU MAY have to stretch your imagination to its limits but it will be all well worthwhile as you welcome the world famous Tina Turner and Olivia Newton-John to Lyrath Estate Hotel.

    Tina Turner. Pic: Helge Øverås CC-BY 2.5 Wikimedia Commons

    Tina and Olivia are expected to take the Lyrath by storm on January 27.

    The James Stephens Lip Sync Battle promises to be as hectic as a city hurling derby between The Village and their noisy neighbours, Dicksboro.

    And in some respects it could be just as exciting too as not everyone knows the score as they prepare for the arrival of Tina and Olivia.

    Two very popular club characters will have central roles in the Tina/Olivia night.

    Tony Scanlon will swap his paint brush for a whatever, well something that will set him on the Olivia trail, while Billy Ryan will make good use of his time off as a porter at St Luke’s General Hospital to inject Tina into the lives of an expectant 1,000 plus audience looking forward to a spectacular fund-raising evening for the Village People.