Kid gloves and Punch and Judy

    Marble City Boxing Club competitors and trainers

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    THERE would be more action at a Punch and Judy Show.

    But while we had to be content with a kid gloves affair, we believe we have found the campaign poster for the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil Parties for the next General Election.

    Mayor Michael Doyle and Deputy John McGuinness put on the  gloves for a shadow boxing exhibition as part of Marble City Boxing Club’s 25th anniversary.

    Mayor Michael Doyle and Deputy John McGuinness: In opposite corners but still good pals

    Our picture perhaps tells the story of the present Government.

    The FF and FG Parties pretend to be in opposite corners but really and truly they are the best of buddies as the smiles on the faces of Michael and John verify.

    Anyway the pair were as proud as punch to wear the Marble City gloves and there wasn’t a snowball’s change in Hell that anyone would hit the canvas.

    Their next meeting may not be as cordial as they could meet on the election canvass.

    But, fear not, the one time sworn political enemies are now one big happy family and the clever money for the next government will be on the ‘we stepped out and we stepped in again’ pair to resume the same seats in the Dáil.

    We could be proved wrong, but pigs will hardly fly.

    To celebrate the quarter of a century, Marble City Boxing Club took on a Connacht Selection at their boxing home in our city’s old swimming pool.