Scouts keep home fires burning

    HIS FULL title takes quite a bit of remembering.

    Lieutenant-General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, OM, GCMG, GCVO, KCB, DL was the founder of the Boy Scout movement.

    We suspect that the late general would be very proud of scouting in Kilkenny today.

    Our city and county have a wonderful tradition of scouting. Today, the brilliant work of scout leaders continues to be amazing, the time and effort put in by them may sometimes be overlooked, but it is always appreciated.
    But perhaps the real heroes are the young boys who love the great outdoors and all the wonderful pursuits associated with scouting.
    When section leader, Noel Whelan put out a call to all parents in the group to set up a fund-raising committee at the start of the year, his pleas were greeted by listening ears.
    The committee has great plans to provide essential equipment.

    The scouts haven’t fund-raised for some years so it is now full throttle as dedicated mothers, fathers and friends bid to fill a purse that will ensure that the scouts are self sufficient and well prepared for continued progress, new adventures.

    The committee has already raised over €500. Target is €5,000 and confidence is high that the jackpot will be reached.
    An initiative has been launched, asking local businesses to chip in €50 sponsorship.
    The scouts have designed a receipt which each business will receive and it can be included in their accounts.
    The hope is that past scouts with their own businesses or friends of scouts will be willing to sponsor scouting.
    A permanent sign will then be proudly displayed at the Scouts’ Den on the Bennettsbridge Road, listing all businesses that contribute.

    For their part, the young scouts and leaders continue to show their courage and true grit.
    Sixteen scouts and five leaders spent two nights in Dundrum Scouts Centre in Tipperary, with the help of new funds raised.

    A majority of the scouts slept outdoors in newly purchased hammocks.

    This was a ground breaker for 1st Kilkenny Scouts.

    Never before did they have special equipment needed to undertake such a brave outdoor project in cold winter conditions.

    The boys set up their own camps.

    They lit camp fires and kept them going for an entire weekend.

    They prepared and cooked their own food over open fires.

    It was an amazing experience for the young boys and they enjoyed every minute of it.

    Bring on the next camp is the message from the devoted young scouts and their leaders.