Colin warmed cockles of hearts

    Mary Murphy, Helen Carroll, Josie Manning and Marty Murphy

    By Jimmy Rhatigan

    THE POWER to change water into wine had not been bestowed on anyone at the community party but enthusiastic locals did the next best thing.

    They added spices to vino and created a beautiful mulled wine, a wonderful antidote to the chills of winter on a warm and convivial evening for the young at heart.

    Stirring the pot was a son of Wexford, now a fully fledged local in Johnswell where the local community hall played host to a Gathering for Young at Heart for the greater local area that includes Muckalee and Ballyfoyle.

    What proved to be an evening to remember began with festive fare provided by Cullen’s Catering from Thomastown, washed down by a cocktail that warmed the cockles of the hearts of neighbours and friends who enjoyed chatting, strolling down memory lane, renewing old friendships and making new ones.

    A team of local volunteers helped to distribute food at a Yule celebration that began at 1.30pm, continued with spot prizes and eased into an enjoyable dancing session with an excellent one-man band.

    Guests were welcomed by Colin Furlong, chair of the Johnswell Development Committee who spearheaded the event which, the committee plan to make an annual gathering for the respected seniors of the entire area.

    Guest personality was RTE presenter, Helen Carroll of Ear To The Ground lives in the Johnswell area and is a devoted supported of community events.