The Plough: Memorable experience

    The cast of The Plough and the Stars Front, from left, Delia Lowery, Mags Whitely, Paula Drohan, Natasha Murray, Aoibhín Murphy Back, Niall Bambrick, John Prendergast, Seán Walsh, Philip Brennan, Jim Carroll, David Brydone, Peter Healy

    EVERYBODY’S talking about creativity.

    The evidence is clear, tending to your creative self is good for your mind, career, relationships and it’s great for community.

    Giving into your creative urges brings people together, whether in a salsa class, book club or in the case of Barnstorm Theatre Company, the rehearsal room of The Plough and the Stars

    Delia Lowery as Rosie Redmond

    Fourteen people with a passion for performance from across Kilkenny have spent months of their free time exploring and rehearsing this iconic Irish play.

    Professional support comes from two of Kilkenny’s home-grown stalwarts of theatre: Barnstorm and the Watergate that bring decades of acclaimed theatrical productions to the mix.

    Together they aim to provide a memorable experience of O’Casey’s play. 

    For the cast, it has been an opportunity to develop their understanding of and sympathy for their roles through their exploration of their characters.

    For example, Niall Bambrick says of Fluther, whom he plays: “He can often be seen standing up for women; he’s a very likeable person and has some very funny lines, even when he doesn’t intend them to be funny.”

    Mags Whitely says of Bessie Burgess: ‘She is a voice of dissent against the rebellion, and is very angry at the world,”

    Delia Lowery, who plays Rosie Redmond says: ‘She has learned that men are often after the one thing, but ultimately, Rosie just wants to be loved and looked after; life really hasn’t been kind to her.”

    Actors discovered that these iconic characters are no different from people we meet on a daily basis.

    Creativity is good for us; the new national agency, Creative Ireland, says: “Creative people are key to the new economy, in which the ability to conceptualise is more important than knowledge.

    “Culture and creativity are essential features of an innovative, post-industrial economy.”

    Barnstorm Theatre Company has been providing and facilitating these opportunities in Kilkenny for a long time, as has the Watergate Theatre, through Watergate Productions. The Plough is just one way that creativity can bring us all together.

    The Plough is at the Watergate Theatre from tonight, Wednesday until December 2; nightly, 8pm with matinees Thursday and Friday. Box Office:  056 7761674